Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cookies continued

I made the cookies with many trials along the way. I got all the ingredients out and then Dan called and said he would be home in about 30 minutes. So I put everything aside and decided I needed to start dinner first. I was planning a salad and crab cakes for dinner, so with the salads made and the crab cakes cooking in the oven it was back to the cookies. Brown sugar was almost out but had just enough to make one patch of cookies. I was mixing up the batter when Dan walked in.
Batter in the freezer time to wait three hours, was not sure I would still be up to this at ten but was going to give it a try.
At nine o'clock I decided to check and see if the batter was hard. It was an hour early but it was solid so I decided it was ready and started to roll out the dough. I had cut out have the cookies when Dan came down and helped me so by 9:30 all the cookies were cooling on the rack.
Dan was so excited he decided to eat one right away and almost burnt his tongue. But they were awesome and we went to bed after bagging them up so the cats could not get them and making a small portion for Dan to bring to work with his lunch. When I got up this morning Dan was gone to work but the cookies for his lunch were still on the counter, he left them behind.

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